Another Airline Story Involving A Dog – Happy Ending Though

This is another story about a dog on an airplane, but this one doesn’t end badly, and the dog owner credits the air crews for saving the dog’s life.

By nowproducerdave on July 10, 2018
(Photo by Marianne Todd/Getty Images)

There have been a lot of stories that include sad outcomes for dogs on flights recently. Too many times we’re hearing about how animals were either abused by airline staff, died during the flight, or got lost somewhere along the way. But this story has a happy ending, in that the air staff actually SAVED this dog’s life.

Darcy is a French Bulldog that was on a flight with her pawrents, Michele and Steven. Somewhere along the flight from Florida to Massachusetts, the dog started having trouble breathing. Darcy was in a mesh carrier under the seat when Michele noticed something wasn’t right. Darcy was pushing her face against the mesh, as if she was trying to get more air. Michele opened the carrier a little so Darcy could get a little better breath. That’s when Michele noticed that Darcy’s tongue was blue.

Michele took Darcy out of the carrier and held her trying to calm her down and get her to breathe better. A crewmember came over and told Michele that Darcy had to stay in the carrier under the seat, but quickly realized that Darcy needed help. That’s when a flight attendant, who also has a French Bulldog, brought an oxygen mask attached to a small tank. That did the trick, and before long Darcy was back to normal. Hooray for that crewmember who offered to help, and we’re glad this story had a happy ending! See some more info on the pup here.

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