‘Another Actress Accuses Tom Hanks Of…’

There are too many stories coming out of Hollywood about sexual harassments and assaults, so one Twitter user asked for nice celebrity stories.

By kmvq on November 13, 2017
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Being nice? You may have seen that headline on your Facebook newsfeed over the weekend. It started out as a joke, but it quickly became a true statement, if even for other celebrities. People began telling their stories of celebrities who were nice, or professional, compassionate, or who were just totally stand-up type of people.

We’re all aware of all the sexual assault allegations being claimed against celebrities and executives recently, and that’s a terrible thing and needs to be made public and dealt with, but I think it’s safe to say that we’re becoming a little numb to the allegations now. This is a refreshing take though, and we’ve got some examples below.

Here are some stories of celebrities doing nice things, or just being all around good people.

Do you have any nice celebrity encounters? Stories about celebrities just being nice people?


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