Amazon’s New Office Space Is A Giant Rainforest Sphere

Amazon just opened their new office concept headquarters in Seattle, and it’s basically a giant rainforest with some chairs.

By nowproducerdave on January 30, 2018
(Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

Not lying, it’s actually being called “The Spheres.” It’s a sort of rainforest conservatory, and it’s designed to be used as their new headquarters, but it’s not really an “office.” We’ll explain.

So it’s an “office complex,” and they just opened it yesterday, January 29th. It’s in downtown Seattle, where they’ve been based since the beginning. The structure is a series of spheres, made from steel and glass. Inside the spheres is a 4-story “building,” and about 40,000 different plants. The plants were sourced from about 50 different countries, so they’ve got pretty much anything in there that you can think of. It’s designed to be a new “office concept,” without cubes or conference rooms. It’s basically a giant park with some chairs so you can have meetings. There are pathways, stairs, different levels, and “areas” where you can have meetings.

It’s an interesting concept, and now we know where our increase in our Prime memberships is going. Check out pictures and more details here. If you’re taking a trip to Seattle and want to go inside the building, they’ll be open to the public, but you have to take a tour to get in. Here’s their website with more info on that.

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