Amazon To Fill The Gap Left By Toys R Us

Amazon is an absolutely massive sales force, and they’re planning on becoming even bigger by filling Toys R Us’s shoes.

By nowproducerdave on July 6, 2018
(Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

And this whole time, I thought places like Amazon were part of the reason Toys R Us was losing so much business. Though, during the holiday season (Christmas, etc), Toys R Us was still a pretty solid spot to buy toys and games – and that’s the gap that Amazon wants to fill.

Question – what is it that Toys R Us had that Amazon doesn’t? If you answered physical locations, you’re right, for the most part. Amazon has been buying up shops over the past few years. Most recently, they purchased physical store chain Whole foods, but they also own a lot of other online shops. They’re clearly trying to make a physical footprint though. Rumor has it that Amazon was also looking into purchasing several store locations FROM Toys R Us before they closed up.

Enter printed media. Yes, it’s a fad that’s been slowing getting less popular in recent years, thanks to the internet. However, come the holiday season we start seeing all sorts of printed ads and coupon books coming out everywhere, including our mailboxes. That’s where Amazon wants to get started – they’re planning on making a printed catalog of toys and games for the holidays. They’re planning on mailing the catalogs to Prime customers, and there will be stacks of them in Whole Foods stores. See some more info here. Do you think the catalogs will help Amazon sales get even bigger than they already are, or do you think Amazon has enough of the sales pie already?

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