Amazon Delivery Driver Strikes Again – Steals Dog

A man discovered that his dog was missing after an Amazon delivery, and later discovered the driver stole the dog.

By nowproducerdave on May 3, 2018
(Photo by Al Barry/Three Lions/Getty Images)

This story should probably start by first saying that the delivery driver works for a separate company contracted by Amazon. He or she doesn’t actually work directly FOR Amazon. That’s an important detail that a lot of stories don’t really emphasize. A man discovered that a delivery driver stole his dog after dropping off a package.

We have to go to the U.K. for this story. A man ordered an item from Amazon, like many of us do. That item was delivered to his home by a driver contracted by Amazon to handle local deliveries. The same day that his package was delivered, his little dog went missing. The dog, Wilma, is a miniature schnauzer and is just 11 months old. The guy called teh delivery company just to ask if the driver maybe noticed anything weird when the package was dropped off (presumably like an open gate, etc).

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After making contact with the company, apparently he had a strange feeling about something. He did a little more digging, “detective work” as it was called. After looking into things, it was determined that the driver is the person who stole the dog. We’re not entirely sure how he came to that conclusion, but there it is. The story does mention that he worked “with Amazon” to come to that conclusion. He also posted to a local “lost dogs” website, and had some support of locals in his area.

The good news here is that the dog, Wilma, has been returned. Amazon said that the driver who stole the dog is no longer handling Amazon deliveries. I really want some more information here though. Was there a camera? How was it determined that the driver actually stole the dog? Was it an in-home delivery, in which case there would be a camera? So many questions. Check out the original story here.

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