Model Amanda Cazalet Alleges Madonna Stalked Her In The 90s

Amanda Cazalet, a model who appeared in the music video for Madonna’s 1990 hit “Justify My Love,” is now claiming that the singer stalked her after the shoot finished and sent her endless love notes.

By austind03 on July 23, 2018
Madonna Stalking, Justify My Love Music Video, Amanda Cazalet
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Amanda Cazalet is a model who famously appeared in the music video for “Justify My Love,” a 1990 hit by Madonna. While you might think she has fond memories of the experience, you’d be dead wrong. In fact, Cazalet even alleges the pop star stalked her after the shoot was over…

According to Radar Online, the now 53-year-old model claims that Madonna became obsessed with her. In the video, the pair shared a passionate kiss that caught the model off-guard. Expecting just a peck, the singer surprised Cazalet by using her tongue. Although she went along with it at the time, she now feels very weird about the situation. She explained:

“At the time I wasn’t offended but, looking back, I realize I was taken advantage of by someone who, at the time, was my boss.”

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When they finished filming the music video, Madonna began sending Amanda Cazalet endless love notes. One of the letters recently went on sale for £50,000 in an online auction. Written in red ink, the letter expressed Madonna’s desire to kiss Cazalet again because she thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Another described the singer’s lust for the model, with the singer even saying she couldn’t explain the attraction she felt.

While the stalking appears to have ended back in the 90s, it still seems pretty weird.

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