Adam Sandler And Cole Sprouse Have ‘Big Daddy’ Reunion [PIC]

We did not see this reunion coming and we LOVE it!

By Doug Lazy on December 12, 2019
6/17/99 Westwood, CA. Adam Sandler with twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse at the premiere of their new movie, "Big Daddy." Photo by Brenda Chase/Online USA, Inc.
Photo by Brenda Chase/Online USA, Inc.

It’s 20 years since Adam Sandler and the Sprouse brothers starred in the movie ‘Big Daddy’ and look at them NOW…

Back in 1999 Adam Sandler teamed up with the Dylan and Cole Sprouse (they both played the role of Julian) for the movie ‘Big Daddy’ (movie trailer is above). Cole just met up with Adam and the pic is below:

Who remembers that movie? It was hilarious! Maybe they were discussing a *fingers crossed* ‘Big Daddy’ sequel? 

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