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Young Woman Tells Dad She Has “Lady Issues,” And He Has The BEST Response [PIC]

Kiera, 25, and her dad, Mitch Platt live together in Long Beach, New York. She says they’re the best of friends, which is probably why he responded the way he did when she told him she left work early on Saturday due to “lady issues.” She posted his hilarious response to Twitter, and it’s since gone viral.

He texted back, “U want me to speak to that b****?” followed up with, “Which lady bothered you enough to go home?”


I wish he didn’t actually know what she meant, but she claims it wasn’t a misunderstanding. “He’s the master of ‘dad jokes,'” she explained. “He’s never failed at being awkwardly funny. When I was a teenager I used to feel embarrassed by it but now I embrace it. I couldn’t imagine his sense of humor being any other way.”

See the NSFW texts and lol HERE.

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