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Dana's Dirt – Thursday

Paris Hilton is being sued for $35 million! The Bachelorette has a disgruntled ex-boyfriend, guess what he wants to share with the world… J-Lo’s out of the running for American Idol, but guess which other diva wants to be a judge!

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Paris Hilton as Marilyn Monroe

I HATE to say this, but I think Lindsay Lohan made a better Marilyn Monroe than Paris Hilton… and Scarlett Johansson killed it when she posed as her. There’s Lindsay… and here’s ScarJo! What do you think – who pulls off the best Marilyn Monroe?

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Dana's Dirt – Monday 2

How’s Lindsay Lohan doing in jail? Paris Hilton parties it up in France! Amy Winehouse has a new hobby that’s helping to keep her sober… Get the dirt at 10:40am and 12:40pm every week day – or check it out here in the afternoon!

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