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Study Shows Sleeping More Than Eight Hours Can Lead To Early Death

A new study found that sleeping more than eight hours a night raises the likelihood of early death. There are reportedly many health risks linked to getting excessive shut eye.

A global study led by Keele University found heavy snoozers are prone to developing a “serious sleep disorder”. It can disrupt breathing and increase the risk of heart disease. The Journal of the American Heart Association published the report, which studied over three million people.

Those who recorded sleeping more than ten hours a night had a 30 percent increase in likelihood of early death. They also had a “56 percent increase in stroke mortality and a 49 percent increase risk of cardiovascular mortality”.

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One of the study’s authors, Dr. Chun Shing Kwok, said this study showed that excessive sleep is a marker of elevated cardiovascular risk.

Of course, the quality of sleep is also an important factor. According to the report, poor quality of sleep leads to a 44 percent increase in coronary heart disease, even with eight hours a night.

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