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Spirit Airlines Employee Told Student To Flush Emotional Support Hamster Down The Toilet

WTF? I can’t with this story. Fox News reports a 21-year-old college student flushed her “emotional support hamster” down the toilet after Spirit Airlines refused to let her bring her pet on the plane.

Belen Aldecosea is claiming she contacted the airline before her flight from Baltimore to South Florida about traveling with her dwarf hamster, Pebbles, and was told it wasn’t a problem. However, when she got to the airport, they refused to let the rodent onboard.

The Floridian went a step further, saying a Spirit employee suggested she flush the animal down the toilet or let it free! She didn’t have many options since her family was in Florida, her friends were hours away, and she’s too young to rent a car.

So what did she do? FLUSHED IT. Whhhhyyyyy?! She said it was the more humane option then letting it run free and potentially getting hit by a car or eaten by an animal. She did claim she cried in the bathroom stall for 10 minutes before boarding her flight, but STILL.

The airline claims no employee suggested flushing it but gave her a round trip flight voucher for the misunderstanding. Wow. If she’s not making this up, that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. Then again, she’s claiming a hamster is for emotional support. I’m torn, heartbroken, and a mixture of other emotions.

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