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SpaceX Successfully Launches World’s Most Powerful Rocket…With A Convertible Inside? [PICS + VIDEO]

The future is now! Elon Musk‘s SpaceX made history yesterday when it successfully launched the world’s most powerful rocket during its 1st test, Huffington Post reports. The Falcon Heavy was carrying the billionaire’s personal Tesla Roadster bound for deep space! The electric convertible was “driven” by a mannequin in a sleek space suit…because of course. Oh, and 2 of 3 15-story boosters were returned back to Earth with perfect vertical landings on a drone ship in the middle of the ocean.

Unfortunately, the CEO later announced the rocket missed its target into Mars’ orbit and ended up in the astroid belt. However, the company thought it’d explode. So this is still a huge win. So much so the President, VP, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and more tweeted Musk congratulations. As well as all of us. U.S.A! U.S.A! (Seriously though, can we bring back the space race?)

See all the incredible pics and videos below!

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