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Sam Smith Fears Tarnished Reputation, Sues Former Label

Sam Smith is reportedly in a legal battle with his former label, Flipbook Music, to stop the release of of two pre-fame albums.

According to the Sun, Flipbook announced in 2016 that they planned to drop Diva Boy, Sam’s unofficial debut. They released “Momentarily Mine” off that album without the singer’s consent, which is when Sam contacted his lawyers.

A source told the publication:

“Sam has worked tirelessly on his pop star image, pouring his heart and soul into two ­official albums he is proud of and ­honing his hunky new look. Now he fears he will become a laughing stock if these tracks see the light of day.”

Sam recorded those “cheesy tunes” back when he was still an aspiring singer:

“But he had no artistic control and left on bad terms when he refused to let the tracks be released, realizing they did not ­represent him as an artist. That was in 2008, but ­Flipbook isn’t backing down and Sam is doing everything in his power to block the release. It’s been tough – things have got very messy.”

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