PARK CITY, KS - FEBRUARY 26: Police tape hangs across the street in front of the house that Dennis Rader lives in February 26, 2005 in Park City, Kansas. Rader is the suspect whom police have arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder in connection with the 10 deaths now tied to the serial killer known as BTK. (Photo by Larry W. Smith/Getty Images)
(Photo by Larry W. Smith/Getty Images)

Roseville, Galleria Hit With Rash Of 50 Car Break-Ins In 24 Hours [VIDEO]

Pockets of Roseville and the parking lot of the Roseville Galleria were hit with 50 car break-ins in just 24 hours! Here’s what authorities want you to know… says that authorities are calling the massive amount of  car break-ins  in the Roseville-area”very, very unusual”.  The article says that 30 break-ins were reported in the Westfield at Galleria Roseville parking lot while the other 20 occured in areas around Roseville. All of the break-ins happened within a 24-hour period. The items stolen from the cars ranged from “spare change to trunk-hidden luggage to computers in computer bags.”

The police department is currently following up with leads but are asking the public who “witnessed or heard talk of suspicious behavior” to reach out to the department at (916) 774-5000. A reward may be given for info leading to crimes being solved.

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