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Miley Cyrus Stalker In Jail For Posting About Committing ‘Horrific Act’

A Milwaukee man traveled all the way to Los Angeles in order to find Miley Cyrus. He was detained by the LAPD after posting a series of disturbing messages on Facebook.

The Milwaukee PD tipped off the L.A. Sheriff’s Department. As a result, the LAPD took the man in on Monday, Feb. 12, for an interview and a psychological evaluation. They can hold him for up to 72 hours.

Furthermore, the stalker claimed to know Miley’s address and that he couldn’t wait for them to be together. He wrote on Facebook:

“Things are about to move fast starting tomorrow when we finally get together Miley. I love you and will see you soon. The whole world is now ours.”

He also wrote another post thanking Miley for getting rid of her fiancΓ©, Liam Hemsworth:

“I got your address like you insisted. I know which way to enter and thank you for getting rid of Liam. This is how we fall in love. I don’t need medication. I wish more of you had an open mind. All things will be self evident and to create a new world I have the most horrific act I [must] complete. It will be on the news and it is sad.”

TMZ reports that it’s unsure if Miley was aware of the danger. Thankfully, the LAPD got to him before anything happened!

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