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Jimmy Fallon To Host Live Post-Super Bowl Show With Justin Timberlake

The 2018 Super Bowl will air on February 4th, and without question is one of the most-viewed events of the year on TV. Jimmy Fallon is planning to host a special show directly after the game, and he’s going to be talking to Justin Timberlake, fresh off the field from the halftime show.

Justin is performing halftime for the 3rd time (2001 and 2004 previously), and is one of the main guests on Jimmy Fallon’s live special. Justin won’t be just a guest though, he’ll be performing again on the show. It’s going to be an exhausting night for him, but he can definitely pull off two performances in one night. “The Tonight Show” will be airing that night after the game, and will be outside of Jimmy’s normal studio in NYC, and on-location in Minneapolis where the game is being held, at the Orpheum Theater in town there.

Other guests on the show that night will be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as well as the cast from “This is Us,” which will also be airing a special episode directly after the game. So on NBC, it’s the game, then “This is Us,” then news, then “The Tonight Show.” We want to watch for sure, just to see Justin’s performance again.

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