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Here’s How To Choose The Best Pumpkin At The Patch

Do you know how to pick the best pumpkin this fall? Get the most out of your pumpkin this season with these helpful tips! If you’re going to a pumpkin patch at Apple Hill or Elk Grove’s Giant Pumpkin Festival this weekend, according to The Kitchn, these tips will help you on how to choose the best pumpkin this season!

1.  Use your thumbs to press on the pumpkins for soft spots, also, look for signs of mold.

2.  Choose a lighter orange, with a dark green stem, the pumpkin can ripe into the perfect deep orange by Hallows Eve.

3.  For carving, look for pumpkins with flat walls and no deep ribs. Set the pumpkin on a flat surface to be sure it sits upright to hold a light inside.

Happy picking this weekend, for more tips on picking and craving, visit The Kitchn.

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