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It’s Generally Not Recommended To Burn Spiders In Your Home

This story comes to us from up the road a bit in Redding, CA. A man was home, relaxing, trying to enjoy the night when he spotted a spider crawling across the floor. Like many of us, we want nothing to do with the creatures, and begin practicing our long-distance shoe-throwing game.

This guy took it a step or two further though. When he spotted the spider, reported to be a wolf spider (about the size of a dollar coin, a bit hairy), he took a convenient torch lighter, and tried to burn the little fellow. “Success!” the man must have thought once he actually set the spider ablaze. What the man wasn’t expecting, however, was that this particular spider wasn’t going down without a fight. The spider, now enveloped in flame, took off running for cover. He sought shelter in the safe comfort of a mattress, which then began to burn as well. The fire continued growing, spreading to the nearby window curtains, as well as a collection of flags in the man’s apartment.

Residents of the building tried to help extinguish the flames using a garden hose, but ultimately the fire department showed up to finish the job. Damage estimates are for about $11,000 total. Not too bad considering the fact that fires are usually extremely destructive. A hefty price nonetheless, but we’re glad everyone is safe.

The spider is expected to make a full recovery. (just kidding)

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