GRAY SUMMIT, MO - OCTOBER 4: Freddie hits the water as he dives into a pool for a distance of 24-feet during the Incredible Diving Dog portion of the Purina Dog Chow Incredible Dog Challenge at Purina Farms October 4, 2003 in Gray Summit, Missouri. The dogs take a running start before launching themselves into the water as the dogs are judged on distance. (Photo by Bill Greenblatt/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bill Greenblatt/Getty Images)

Dog Rescues Another Dog In Swimming Pool [VIDEO]

A hero doggo named Remus rescued his fellow doggo friend, Smokey, after Smokey fell into a swimming pool and it was all caught on tape! See the video…


“Remus my daughter dog and Smokey, our dog were in backyard. We let the dogs in and notice Smokey was wet. So we wondered if he got inro pool. We’ll when I reviewed the security cameras, we saw that Smokey was struggling to get out. That’s when it seemed that Remus was trying to direct Smokey to the steps. Remus did this a few times, then ended up jumping in to nudge Smokey out of pool.”

How amazing is that?! Good boy, Remus!

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