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Dog Gets Second Chance After Surviving Euthanasia

Does this happen? Have you heard of this happening? A dog survived his euthanasia, and was adopted by a family after being seen wandering the streets. Yes, he was actually “discarded” with the other euthanized pets, woke up, escaped, and was wandering the streets. If that doesn’t deserve a second chance, what does?

Valor, as he was named, was seen roaming around by Kathryn. She shared his story with social media, and it got shared around until a group called “Cuz I Matter” came across him. Lorrie Anding, the group’s foster coordinator, says “we started hearing about Valor on a social network. We hear about a lot of our dogs that way… He was euthanized. Apparently either the dose wasn’t right or something was botched and he woke up. He had been discarded with the other animals.”

Anyway, Kathryn is fostering, helping to get the dog back to trusting people. She says “even getting him over here was a horrific experience for him. He didn’t want to be touched. He hated the collar and his leash. I couldn’t feed him by hand. He wasn’t taking treats.” She added that after a couple days of constant attention and head scratching, he started warming up. “His tail is wagging when he hears his name now, and it’s just really wonderful to see that,” she says. He’s starting his heartworm medicine soon, ahead of being put up for adoption. See more on Valor’s story here.

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