$1,000+ Thigh-High Ugg Boots Exist For Men And Women

No. Just no. Vogue reports Y/Project launched a collaboration this week with Ugg at Paris Fashion Week Men’s, and go figure it was weird. Because high fashion. The designers made the boots thigh-high. Yes, thigh-high Uggs. And they’re as terrible as you’re thinking. Keep in mind, even though they also …

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Chris Martin And Dakota Johnson Are Dating [PICS]

Love is in the air! Coldplay frontman Chris Martin is dating actress Dakota Johnson, E Online reports. The two have been rumored to be casually seeing each other the last few weeks, but it seems they’ve gotten closer! They were photographed this weekend in Malibu arm in arm on the …

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Study Finds THIS Shows Your Partner Love The Most

In cute news, a study by my alma mater Penn State (We are!) found that small gestures, such as hugging, holding hands, and random acts of kindness top the list of how the majority of people feel loved and appreciated, Observer reports. “We found that behavioral actions—rather than purely verbal …

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