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Chinese Baby Born Several Years After Parents’ Death

A Chinese baby was born recently four years after the death of his parents. This is the first incidence of such an occurrence.

The couple froze several embryos before their untimely death hoping to have a baby through IVF. After the car accident, the baby’s grandparents went through a lengthy legal battle to use the embryos.

The four grandparents had to provide proof that another hospital could store the embryos. Otherwise, the fertilized eggs had to stay in the Nanjing hospital. Because of the legal uncertainty, it was difficult to find another hospital in China willing to participate.

Also, surrogacy is illegal in China. So that was yet another hurdle to jump.

The grandparents eventually found a surrogacy agency and took the eggs to Laos. The baby boy, Tiantian, was finally born in December 2017, reports the BBC.

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The story’s not over yet, though!

The baby’s citizenship turned out to be another problem since Tiantian was born in Laos, and not China. Because the parents could not provide paternity, all four grandparents had to give blood and take DNA tests. The tests proved that the baby was their grandson, and that his parents were of Chinese citizenship.

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