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Andy Grammer’s ‘Always’ Was A Lullaby For His Daughter

Andy Grammer revealed two songs off his album, The Good Parts, that were written for his daughter, Louisiana.

He said in an interview that “Always” was a song written as a lullaby:

“I was singing that to my daughter right when she was born, and she was still kind of crying. I’d put her in a little cart and do a lap singing that song to her.

“It’s very sweet and emotionally connected to me… I’ve been bumping it in the car – me and my little three-month-old, we go to coffee dates every morning and I play that song to her, it’s so sweet.”

“Spaceship” is another track off the album that he sang to his daughter before she was born, reports Music-News.net:

“That’s like, the best bridge I’ve ever written, which is comparing to the womb – which is the world before this world – and wherever you go when you die as the place after.

“As I was singing into the womb to try and let Louie know that she was coming to someone that loves her, I imagined, while I was singing to her, ‘Ah, I wonder whether my mom is doing that to me from wherever she’s at?’

“She passed away. But that’s such a cool idea.”

Grammer admits that The Good Parts is a very personal and emotional album for him.

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